• Quiz#4
    Hi Everyone, I want ya’ll to focus on the paper and presentation so decided to scrap quiz#4. I will just give you the 10 points. However, I have high expectations for the paper so please make sure to write it thoughtfully and include any 4 readings from the class or outside source. I will post a rubric tomorrow on paper and presentation. Some of you have emailed me about extra time for the late work. I can extend it until tomorrow morning 11am since that’s when I will start grading. No more than that since I won’t have time :). Good luck and and enjoy your spring break 🙂 Best, Margie
  • Late work & post Spring Break
    Hi everyone, The grade charts have been updated based on our discussions yesterday. All assignments are due by Saturday, April 19th at 11:59 PM. Late penalty: You will receive half credit for late submissions (except for AR10, which was due this week and will receive full credit). Upcoming Schedule: Quiz #4: I will post Quiz #4 on Sunday and it will be due when we return from Spring Break. May 7th: We will hold a virtual class to discuss everyone’s projects and offer support. Reminder: Please remember I will be unavailable to answer questions between April 22nd to May 1st. Have a relaxing and enjoyable Spring Break! Best, Margie
  • quizzes
    please try to take the quiz again if you still need to

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