• Cancel class again sorry

    Hi everyone. The bad luck train hasn’t left my station yet again. Have to cancel again. Was in the ER last night from 9pm to almost7am this morning. I am wiped out an experiencing a lot acid reflux from all the tests they have to run. I can’t use my voice much so can’t run class. Instead please send me an email with your intended idea for final project (if you have one), articles you may include, and your favorite color. All the tests came back normal so it seems like nothing is wrong with my surgery but more with an endometriosis flare up. Will send a follow up email once I get rest and please feel free tontext or email me and I’ll respond as soon as I can. Sorry again 😔

  • Quiz#4

    Hi Everyone,
    I want ya’ll to focus on the paper and presentation so decided to scrap quiz#4. I will just give you the 10 points. However, I have high expectations for the paper so please make sure to write it thoughtfully and include any 4 readings from the class or outside source. I will post a rubric tomorrow on paper and presentation.
    Some of you have emailed me about extra time for the late work. I can extend it until tomorrow morning 11am since that’s when I will start grading. No more than that since I won’t have time :).
    Good luck and and enjoy your spring break 🙂

  • Late work & post Spring Break

    Hi everyone,

    The grade charts have been updated based on our discussions yesterday.
    All assignments are due by Saturday, April 19th at 11:59 PM.
    Late penalty: You will receive half credit for late submissions (except for AR10, which was due this week and will receive full credit).

    Upcoming Schedule:
    Quiz #4: I will post Quiz #4 on Sunday and it will be due when we return from Spring Break.
    May 7th: We will hold a virtual class to discuss everyone’s projects and offer support.

    Reminder: Please remember I will be unavailable to answer questions between April 22nd to May 1st.

    Have a relaxing and enjoyable Spring Break!


  • Grades

    Hi Everyone,
    Tomorrow, I’ll be meeting individually with each of you in class to review your grades. I’ve included a chart in the Grades section (formerly “posts”). You’ll have the opportunity to make up any missed assignments for half the points. If, after meeting with everyone, we have time for a lecture, we’ll proceed with it; otherwise, we’ll resume after Spring Break. I’ll be unavailable throughout the break, so it’s crucial to address any grading concerns beforehand. When we return, your focus should be on Quiz #4, your final paper, and presentation. I’m also willing to adjust the timing of Quiz #4 if necessary, which we can discuss further in class tomorrow. Please note that if you’re absent from class, I won’t be able to offer makeup assignments.
    See you tomorrow!

  • Public Post

    Group 1- [Christmas] Mayrenis, Finley, Luismairy, Noella
    Group 2- [Ann Claire] Giselle, Kadija, Sayra, Johan, Bercaris
    Group 3- [Hell-No] Yeneri, Geika, Melissa, Natalie, Yuleni
    Group 4- [Joseph] – Raphael, Angel, Jiovanna, Terra, Briana
    Group 5- [Smash] – Cesar, Leticia, Eboni, Lene, Evelyn